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5 essential pieces of advice for electronic producers, thanks to Milan Ring

Posted on July 03, 2018
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5 essential pieces of advice for electronic producers, thanks to Milan Ring

Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds are all about embracing the unique, quirky and innovative – we’ve teamed up to present some of the country’s most trailblazing up and comers, getting them sweaty and ready to show off what makes them so special. 

Since bursting onto the scene in 2013 with her debut EP, Sydney Producer Milan Ring has found herself in the studio with SZA, D.R.A.M, and LL Cool J, and performing shows with Sampa The Great, Tokimonsta, and The Rubens.

The electronic R&B producer has released three EPs and a slew of singles in the past few years on her own label MXMAY. Alongside her incredible live shows, the multi-instrumentalist has quickly cemented herself as a leading name in Australia’s electronic music community.

During a recent chat with Tone Deaf, following her unique experience performing for Rekorderlig’s Sauna Sounds, Milan Ring shared some tips for producers just starting out, or anyone looking to begin a career in music production – many of which applied directly to her time in the sauna, which you can watch below.

Watch: Milan Ring performs ‘Drifting’ for Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds

“Ours was a really small space,” she tells us, “I couldn’t move too much, I literally had like 20 centimeters to move the neck of my guitar. But it was fun – a very intimate vibe.”

Milan Ring’s 5 essential tips for aspiring electronic producers

Keep an open mind

Always go into any session with an open mind. I think people prepare too much sometimes or have expectations of what they want the session to be like. Sometimes it’s not a vibe, but that’s why we’re in sessions every day – there’s good days and bad days.


Experiment as much as possible on every instrument, even if you don’t play it. Just pick it up and record it. You can do so much in sound design, even if you’re not a guitarist, you can make it sound amazing later. Go into stuff like a kid, just bash things and have fun.

Find experienced mentors

Mentorship! Surround yourself with people who are more experienced than you are. Find mentors, annoy them, call them. Seek people who are willing to help you out. So many of the sessions I’ve done, I’ve had mentors and learned so much from other producers and that’s all informed how I’ve produced.

Create a community of collaborators around you

By the same token, surrounding yourself with people who are not necessarily mentors is important too. Work with your mates and people who need help from you too, really find power in that. Create your community and create a crew to bounce ideas off, send your ideas to friends all the time.

Share your music

Be open, share things, even the stems. Someone else could take them and do something else with them. I think at times I’ve held my cards really close to my chest. I’m definitely better at not doing that now but there’s definitely been times I’ve been a bit scared to share stems, for example. But so much great stuff happens from that – we all understand, it’s a demo, it’s chill.

If you like what you saw in the Rekorderlig Sauna Sounds performance, you can get tickets to Milan Ring’s ‘Drifting’ launch show at Waywards on October 26 here.